Anger and aggression management group

Why join?

The group offers space for change to a more conscious life without conflict and violence.

It allows you to share experiences and explore the issue of anger and aggression with feedback from people with similar experiences and feelings. Participants have the opportunity to better understand their behaviour and its consequences in a safe environment and work together on new ways of coping with emotions and non-violent solutions to difficult interpersonal situations.

Life often puts us in situations where it is difficult to determine right conduct from wrong. That is why it is important and meaningful to reflect your opinions and experiences with others who can give us new and practical incentives.

Anger and aggression management group

Group work allows people to self-develop through experience sharing with people in similar life context.

What the group offers

1. You can share your difficulties in a safe environment - the basic rule is confidentiality and voluntariness

2. You get important information about emotions, anger, aggression, and violence

You will learn how human emotions work, what the roots of aggression and violence are, why anger controls us so easily, and how to control your anger.

3. You can safely examine the personal context of the origin and development of conflicting behaviour

You need not talk about everything. You always share only what you want. However, you will receive questions and suggestions that will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your own behaviour, its causes, and the dynamics of specific explosive situations.

4. You will learn how to manage tensions and crises

You will learn to capture your emotions more accurately and timely, to healthily ventilate them, and to effectively reduce internal tension. You will receive useful tips on how to manage conflict and crisis situations, how to stop repetitive cycles and prevent problems in the future.

5. You will discover new communication possibilities and strategies

You will learn how to communicate meaningfully and effectively, how to deal with quarrels and frustration non-violently, how to state your needs and desires while respecting the needs and desires of others.

Course of the group

Time: afternoon, from 4 pm to 6 pm

Location: Intervention Centre Prague, Chelčického 39, Prague 3

Therapists: Mgr. Zuzana Chomová, Mgr. Oleg Šuk,


Contact Telephones: 773 666 784, 281 911 883

How to join

Call us or write and we will be happy to explain everything you need.

Before joining the group, it is necessary to have a personal meeting which serves to get to know other participants.

We will discuss your expectations and concerns, important information and practical circumstances of participation in the program.


If it turns out that the group is not a format suitable for you we will offer you other options for resolving the situation.

Basic entry conditions

- Completing an introductory interview with group therapists

- Ability to attend regularly

When to consider different program

1. If you know in advance that you cannot afford regular attendance

Absence from the group cannot be ruled out, of course, but with irregular participation it significantly loses effectiveness. If you have a busy or irregular schedule you may be interested in individual therapeutic cooperation where flexible appointments are possible.

2. If you suffer from advanced addiction or severe psychiatric illness

Both situations often affect a person's life so that it is necessary to approach them as a separate and priority problem and solve them in other specialized facilities for which we can provide contacts.

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