How it works - therapy

How children reach our help 

  • The child can enter therapy through a legal guardian (usually the non-violent parent) or the parent is recommended therapy for the child (child protection services or court, etc.).



Working with a family system

  • We perceive the child in the context of the family system as a whole; we do not work with them in isolation without the participation of parents. The participation of a non-violent parent is necessary; the violent parent has the opportunity of therapeutic work in the Viola program. 


  • The legal representative first attends an individual meeting with a social worker in order to screen the family situation with a focus on mapping to obtain maximum of relevant information. 

  • The next step is a meeting of the legal representative with a child psychologist to first define objectives for the therapy and to provide data about the case history.



Working with a child

  • Firstly, there will be 3 - 4 individual meetings of the child with a child psychologist. Their goal is to treat the immediate situation and emotions of the child, minimize the emergence or development of mental health difficulties, and assess the condition and needs of the child.

  • If the condition and needs of the child do not require individual therapy, the cooperation with the child is terminated; otherwise we continue the individual cooperation with the child. In both cases, individual support to the parent can also be offered (management of child's behaviour, development and support of parental competencies, etc.).

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