About the Intervention centre

We were established on 1st of January 2007 in connection to the institute of expulsion which helps in the fight against domestic violence in the Czech Republic. We rank among social prevention services according to Section §60a of Act No. 108/2006 cc., on Social Services. We are part of the Centre for Social Services in Prague, a contributory organization founded by the city of Prague.

Our service is intended for persons at risk of domestic violence after expulsion from shared household as well as for persons subjected to domestic violence in absence of expulsion.

Assistance is provided mainly on an outpatient basis, to all persons over the age of 16, to persons below the age of 16 accompanied by their legal guardians.

At the same time, we are the main coordinator of interdisciplinary cooperation between the Police of the Czech Republic, child protection services, and other institutions involved in protection against domestic violence in the capital city of Prague.


Our mission and goal is to help and support persons who are at risk of domestic violence to such an extent that they are unable to handle the situation on their own. We assist return to a life without violence. With the help of specialized services, clients have the opportunity to improve their quality of life and reintegrate into society without fear or violence.

In addition to direct assistance to the endangered, the mission of the Intervention Centre is also to raise awareness in the field of domestic violence and to develop interdisciplinary cooperation. The Intervention Centre participates in public discussions, provides information to the general and professional public, organizes educational events, and is the organizer and guarantor of meetings of interdisciplinary teams that bring together individuals and institutions that deal with or come into contact with domestic violence.

Goals we aim to achieve

  • Provision of assistance in resolving social and legal issues related to domestic violence

  • Assistance in the stabilizing the mental state of clients

  • Support in use of social environment of clients in solving their situation

  • Support of clients in activities that lead to greater independence and self-confidence in resolving their situation

  • Comprehensive information service concerning the possibilities of solving domestic violence, assistance in orientation in rights and legally-protected interests

  • Arrangement of successive and associated services that are important for managing the problem

  • Organization of meetings that lead to interdisciplinary cooperation in addressing domestic violence

Our ethical principles

  • Professionality and competence

  • Respecting the decisions of the service user

  • Respecting the rights and dignity of the service user

  • Individual and motivating approach

  • Anti-discriminatory approach

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