For people who have conflicting relationships with their relatives

The Viola program was created to work directly with conflict and violence. Its purpose is to replace aggressive and destructive ways of functioning in close relationships with non-conflicting relationship and communication patterns.

The program is for you if

  • You have problems and conflicts in close relationships due to your behaviour

  • You are worried that your behaviour is hurting your loved ones

  • You feel controlled by your emotions, anger and rage

  • You want change but don't know how

  • You have been expelled by the police as a result of your behaviour

  • You have been ordered to participate in an aggression and violence management program

We can help you

  • Understand the causes of the current situation and find a solution

  • Master practical procedures and techniques to manage your emotions and control your behaviour

Individual counselling and therapy


Consulting and therapy allow highly confidential and safe work on important personal and life topics.

Anger and aggression management group

Group work allows people to self-develop through experience sharing with people in similar life context.



1. relationship and contact


The basis of any meaningful cooperation is the establishment of a sincere contact and communication which open the way to change.


2. Rejection of violence and acceptance of responsibility


We welcome anyone who decides to work with us and change themselves but we always stand by the fact that violence and aggression do not belong into interpersonal relationships under any circumstances and that each person is always responsible for their own behaviour.


3. Self-control


The basis of the work is to develop the ability to consciously and effectively control one’s behaviour. For instance, by mastering practical techniques  to control one's emotions and to ventilate them healthily and effectively, how to reduce internal tension, how to precede violence, and how to  meaningfully communicate with others.


4. Self-knowledge


It is also crucial to have a deeper self-knowledge, to understand one's personal development under broader circumstances, to understand the roots of the current situation. Acceptance of one's own life story in its complexity as well as acceptance of responsibility for its further continuation.


5. Developing positives


The support of  positive aspects of one’s personality is irreplaceable. So focusing not only on what is failing, but above all on what is succeeding. Develop healthy personality traits and allow them to grow naturally.

Anger and aggression management group

Group work allows people to self-develop through experience sharing with people in similar life context.

We are experienced in working with people who do not have experience with counselling.

If You got interested in our programme dont hesitate to contact us. We will gladly explain everything You need to know.


Change is waiting for your courageous step.



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