Immediate help to the victims of domestic violence in Czech Republic ensures the institute of expulsion of a violent person from a shared household. This institute has been adjusted by the Act of Police of the Czech Republic no. 273/2008 cc., paragraphs 44 to 47.

According to the provision § 44: If based on discovered facts, especially given previous assaults, it can be inferred that the person will perpetrate a dangerous assault against life, health, freedom, or human dignity, the police officer is authorized to expel this person from the household shared with the endangered person as well as from the immediate proximity of the shared household. The expulsion lasts 10 days from the day of its implementation. It is a fundamental preventive measure aimed to prevent further violence and allow the endangered person to recover their strength to deal with their situation.

Injunction and extension of the expulsion

Another institute related to domestic violence is an injunction according to the legislature § 44 of law no. 292/2013 concerning special judicial proceedings (section 2: Injunctions concerning protection from domestic violence).

Under the provisions of this law the court can decide for the violent person to leave and not re-enter the shared household if the proponent finds sharing the household with the defendant intolerable for reasons of physical or psychological violence against the proponent or someone else present in the household. Furthermore, the defendant may be forbidden from meeting the victim of domestic violence or any undesired pursuit or contact with the victim. Injunction lasts one month from its implementation. 

Under the fulfilment of preconditions enacted by the law, an extension of the injunction for further six months may be filed to the court.

Other related adjustments can be found under regulations of a new civil code § 751.

Responsibility for violent behaviour

Actions of the violent person can result in committing a criminal act. The penal code no. 40/2009 cc. consists of many criminal acts related to domestic violence (abuse of a person living in shared household, infringement of personal freedom, sexual assault, sexual coercion, criminal acts against health etc.).

Anyone who suspects that a criminal act has been committed can report it. Every department of the Police of the Czech Republic or public prosecutors’ offices have the duty to receive reports that a criminal act has been committed and assess whether the described conduct fulfils the suspicion of committing a criminal offence or not.


If the act of the violent person did not lead to the commission of a criminal act, they may have committed an offence. This area is regulated by act no. 250/2016 cc., on liability for misdemeanours and proceedings on them, and act no. 251/2016 cc., on certain misdemeanours, which contains a number of misdemeanours with a possible link to domestic violence (misdemeanours against civil cohabitation, offences against public order, etc.). Anyone who suspects that an offence has been committed may report it to the Police of the Czech Republic or to the municipal office (the office of the city district of the capital city of Prague).


Návrh na vydání předběžného opatření (ke stažení here)

  • ve smyslu ust. §§ 400 a následujících zákona č. 292/2013 Sb., o zvláštních řízeních soudních, v platném znění (ochrana před domácím násilím)

Návrh na prodloužení předběžného opatření (ke stažení here)

  • ve smyslu ustanovení §§ 410 a následujících zákona č. 292/2013 Sb., o zvláštních řízeních soudních (ochrana před domácím násilím)

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