Individual counselling and therapy

Consulting and therapy allow highly confidential and safe work on important personal and life topics.


The basic tool of counselling and therapy is natural human dialogue.

The aim of the session is to understand one's own experience and behaviour and to raise self-control in difficult life situations that evoke strong and unpleasant emotions, conflicts in relationships, addictions, or even physical symptoms.

Understanding and awareness help prevent future problems, live a freer and more responsible life, and feel calmer and happier as an individual in relationships with others.

The therapist creates space and conditions for this development and supports clients in their efforts to achieve change.

Content of cooperation

The content of the cooperation is relative to the specific situation and personality of the client, but some topics recur.

We often talk, for example, about how human emotions work, where violence origins, why anger controls us so easily and how we can control it. You examine the broader contexts of the problem, whether in past events or in the current situation. You learn to release your emotions healthily and effectively, reduce internal tension, work with your energy and use it meaningfully. You get useful tips on how to manage conflict and crisis situations. You learn to communicate with others, resolve conflicts non-violently, communicate your needs and desires, and at the same time respect the needs and limits of others. In a protected space, you can share your difficulties and look for new life paths.

In addition to the interest in the personal story and feelings of each client, the therapist always requires gradual elimination of aggressive, controlling, and violent behaviour which is a permanent horizon of the joint work.

Process of cooperation

The frequency and time of meetings depend on individual arrangement and context.

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