Domestic violence

Domestic violence is violence in close relationships. It is characterised by repetitive and escalating attacks of one person towards the other (wife, husband, partners, siblings, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents). Violence can be physical, psychological, sexual, economical or social.

Physical violence

Face slapping, beating by hand, fist, or with objects, kicking in the body, head-butting, asphyxiating or strangling, pulling and ripping of hair, throwing of objects against the victim, etc.

Psychological violence

 Vulgar insults, threatening gestures, intimidation, destruction of possessions, intimidation by display of weapons, causing harm to others in presence of the victim. Criticizing and verbal attacks for trivial reasons, insults, humiliation, derogation of self-confidence, ridicule, inducing feelings of guilt, casting doubt upon one's mental health, downplaying one's concerns, ignoring one's wishes and needs, coercion into subordination. Extortion, threatening with suicide or institutional punishments, emotional blackmail (including blackmail through one's children or grandchildren) 

 Sexual violence

Coercion to sexual intercourse by threat of violence or psychological pressure, urging to any unwanted or undesired sexual practices.

 Social violence

Heightened control over one's actions (where they go, to whom they talk, what they say, when they are supposed to return, etc.). Restriction of contact with one's prior family, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. Restriction of independence or opportunity to decide for oneself or about one's self

Economic violence

Restriction of access to one's earnings, enforced submitting of money, heightened control of finances. Furthermore, thwarting one's ability to seek or start an employment, restriction of education or enhancement of qualification. Destruction of possession


Physical surveillance, trespassing, approaching, or roaming around the victim's location or household, repeated unwanted contact (phone calls, texting, social media messages, letters), persistent surveillance over activities of the victim, collecting of information, inappropriate addressing of family, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances of the victim, threatening with defamation, harm, or death 

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